The 99Brasil is a volunteer project created by media professionals (Journalists and digital media) to fight fake news and misinformation.

In Brazil, more than 50% of internet users think that the whole internet is Facebook. Which shows that the tech company plays a big role in the Brazilian democracy by allowing groups (most of them, political) to spread misinformation.

We created this project to fight them back, allowing journalists and people from our society, without political association, to publish content which shows the reality while websites are spreading fake news, which is a threat to our democracy.

How do we work:
– Closed group with curators;
– Data analysis;
– Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram);
– SEO – Google ranking results;
– Link building – putting the fact checking agencies on the top results for the most commented subjects;
– Education: e-books to advice internet users about fake news and anti-group tactics,

To know more about the project, how to collaborate and donate, please fill the form below:

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