The 99 Brasil project

The 99 Brasil is a volunteer project created by media professionals (Journalists and digital media) with members of the society to fight misinformation in the biggest country and economy of Latin America.

More than 50% of internet users in Brazil think the whole internet is Facebook. Which means the tech company plays a big role in the Brazilian democracy.

But even saying they (big tech corporations) are fighting against misinformation and hate speech, we need to do it ourselves as citizens – and we need to do it RIGHT NOW, as we have presidential elections coming in 2018.

We created this project to fight them (the 1% political/criminal groups) back, allowing journalists and people from our society, without political association, to publish and boost their content on the web via crowdfunding.

It’s a community where they can show the reality of our society, while a bunch of websites is spreading hoaxes, which is a threat to our democracy, the social, civil and environmental rights.

We are also running educational programs via sorts of formats (articles, images, e-books and live events) focusing on media literacy and misinformation.


We believe that everyone should have the right to free speech without fear of being censored. Respecting the others rights without using hate speech, sensationalism and anti-group tactics.

That’s why we are a group of individuals working in a collaborative process to fact-check contents and fight them back using the paths of innovation and communities of practice – online.

How do we work:
– Closed group with curators;
– Data analysis – mapping fake websites;
– Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram);
– Link building: putting the fact checking agencies on the top results for the most commented subjects;
– Community: building a strong community of content creators;
– Education: e-books to advice internet users about misinformation and anti-group tactics,

To know more about the 99% Brasil project, how to collaborate and donate, fill the form below:

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